Dish and DU/ER’s Technologically-Minded “No Sweat” Pants

Understanding the brand's Nature2X fabric

Sponsored by DU/ER

After wearing our DU/ER‘s slim fit “No Sweat” pants for several weeks now, and experiencing just how comfortable and functional they are, we wanted to explore their proprietary fabric even further. The pants not only look great but also have ample stretch for more movability, softness for comfort, and—as the name suggests—plenty of breathability. This makes for a dynamic bottom that performs well if you’re cycling to and from work but also looks good enough for dressier meetings. We wanted to understand the science behind it all.

Unsurprisingly, it all pertains to the clever blend of materials in the “No Sweat” fabric. And while they are all familiar names—spandex, polyester, cotton and Tencel—it’s an ingenious blend of the four, and the amounts of each, that makes this performance fabric, called Nature2X, so beneficial. One percent spandex yields just enough stretch that the pants offer movement without becoming saggy. Similarly, the 19% polyester offers shape retention, but also makes them quick-dry and durable. The 52% cotton is obviously important as, more often than not, we want the majority of our apparel to be made from natural fibers—and cotton means the pants are breathable and comfortably light.

What we hadn’t counted on was just how important the Tencel is in this concoction. Much more than being lightweight and comfortable, it’s anti-microbial—essentially the “No Sweat” factor. The Tencel means that even if you do sweat, both the moisture and the odor will dissipate. (Also useful if you get stuck in the rain or snow—or the subway on a particularly humid day.) DU/ER’s Steven Sal Debus tells us, “Our biggest challenge was to find perfect combination of Tencel, cotton and polyester. Tencel is a critical component to the mix but also the fabric with the most drape. Too much Tencel

resulted in a pant that lacked weight and hold so we played with and tested the raw materials until we got it right.”

Not only is Nature2X a combination of four fibers—the four actually interact in a way that their benefits are boosted, and their weaknesses are offset. The staff at DU/ER have figured out a way to turn these four materials into the perfect sweat-fighting, comfort-offering team. Debus says, “The hybrid weave of the fabric is important because it gives the fabric more mechanical stretch and creates a surface texture that’s smooth and inner texture that’s woven like sweatpant fleece—making it super-comfortable against the skin.” On top of the technology, the pants are created to last, whether you’re hiking or running to a meeting. The men’s “No Sweat” pants offer a seat gusset (especially useful for those who bike) as well as reinforced front and back pockets, plus triple-stitching on stress points.

These pants are intelligent, but of equal importance, they’re entirely wearable. Aesthetically, the pants are versatile enough to go from dog walks to business meetings, all while feeling like a pair of comfy sweats.

Get your DU/ER’s “No Sweat” pants with an early-bird contribution of $88. Delivery is expected in February 2016.

Images courtesy of DU/ER