Jellyfish Relative Could Improve the Design of Swimming Robots

The Nanomia bijug is a gelatinous marine animal related to jellyfish that uses a dozen or more independent jets to swim. This design enables two swimming styles: one that syncs all of the jets up for increased speed and another that powers jets individually to save energy. The dual-swimming capabilities—which are exclusive to the Nanomia‘s siphonophores taxa as well as barrel-shaped salps—could inform and improve underwater …

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Let’s Get Physical

Whether your loved ones are into swimming or stretching, cycling or surfing, there's gear for all kinds of activities

Whether at your desk, on the couch, in bed or simply staring at your phone scrolling endlessly, we are all spending too much time indoors. The importance of moving our bodies—especially getting outside and maybe meeting up with friends, family and neighbors—can’t be understated. Whether your loved ones’ enjoy surfing, snowboarding, swimming, strolling or stretching, there are plenty of design-forward but practical presents in our …

Swimming Goggles

Swedish eyewear brand Chimi (founded in 2016 by Charlie Lindström and Daniel Djurdjevic) is best known for accessibly priced sunglasses, but they also make swim masks, goggles and snorkels. Their swimming goggles feature mirrored UV-protective lenses framed by soft silicone, and a non-slip head-strap. Available in orange, green, white or black, they’re super-sleek and sporty.