Charlotte Day Wilson feat. Syd: Take Care of You

Talented Toronto-born vocalist Charlotte Day Wilson collaborates with The Internet founding member and vocalist Syd (aka Sydney Bennett) for the sultry “Take Care of You.” Syd adds an airy accent to Day Wilson’s deeper tones—which dip even lower on the distorted chorus. The track was released as the counterpart to “Summertime” and both were written and produced by Day Wilson.

Anderson .Paak: Lockdown

Beginning with sirens and chanting, Anderson .Paak’s “Lockdown” is unmistakably a protest song—despite his inimitable, gentle lilt. “Cause they throw away Black lives like paper towels / Plus unemployment rate what? 40 million now / Killed a man in broad day, might never see a trial / We just wanna break chains like slaves in the south / Started in the north end but we …


KAYTRANADA remixes Gorillaz, plus new tunes by Xenoula, Tourist, Lindstrøm, Syd and more

Phantogram: Funeral Pyre With their eerie, emotional (and NSFW) video for “Funeral Pyre“—found on last year’s album Three—Phantogram have unleashed an experience that’s set just outside the passenger window of a moving automobile. Traveling in slow-motion, the scenes of the Gianluca Minucci-directed video address everything from violence and sex to the extraordinary and even the ordinary. Truly compelling, the visuals engage with an unexpected power …