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Georgia: It’s Euphoric

Buoyant, playful and sunny, “It’s Euphoric” by London-based artist Georgia lives up to its name. Co-written and co-produced with Rostam (aka producer, musician, singer, songwriter and composer Rostam Batmanglij), the spirited song …

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Indigo De Souza: Smog

“Smog,” the second single and music video from Indigo De Souza’s forthcoming album, All of This Will End (out 28 April), departs from the singer-songwriter’s previous guitar-driven indie sound. Leaning into the synth-pop …

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Fever Ray: Carbon Dioxide

Fever Ray (aka Karin Dreijer) announces their first album in over five years with “Carbon Dioxide,” a simmering art-pop track replete with a frenetic energy that perfectly fits into their canon. Co-produced …

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A moving song in support of oppressed women, a sapphic folk single, a three-part reggae piece and more new music