Pearl Platter

Based in Melbourne, Australia, homeware brand FAZEEK imbues sculptural design, vibrant colors and a playful energy into all their products. Their Pearl Platter (available in amber and lilac, pink and amber, or teal and jade) is a two-tone borosilicate glass dish featuring a rim of “pearls” that adds flair to any tabletop.

Chad Wentzel’s Mystical Tabletop Designs

Colorful and sparkly artworks that will brighten any home

In a sea of design objects and decorating pieces, Detroit-based artist Chad Wentzel‘s creations truly stand out. The psychedelic vessels are meticulously crafted using colorful string and crystals, but each piece is much more than the spectacular, sparkly result. Wentzel (who was born in the Pacific Northwest but lived a long stint in NYC) puts a lot of time and energy into his creations—these are …

David Taylor

The Stockholm-based Scottish artisan introduces a family of candlesticks

Based out of Stockholm, Scotsman David “Superdave” Taylor calls himself a metal craftsman. The self-proclaimed job title doesn’t necessarily do him justice, however, given that his roster of work regularly transcends the boundaries between design, art and craft. Yet, tags aside, the man is a true contemporary artisan in every way. Taylor’s latest work involves a steadily growing number of candlesticks given human names. “‘Crowd’ …