David Taylor

The Stockholm-based Scottish artisan introduces a family of candlesticks


Based out of Stockholm, Scotsman David “Superdave” Taylor calls himself a metal craftsman. The self-proclaimed job title doesn’t necessarily do him justice, however, given that his roster of work regularly transcends the boundaries between design, art and craft. Yet, tags aside, the man is a true contemporary artisan in every way.

Taylor’s latest work involves a steadily growing number of candlesticks given human names. “‘Crowd’ will ultimately incorporate 25-30 individuals and is an organic community of work rather than a static body,” explains the designer. As each candlestick is given a new home, a new one will evolve from Taylor’s imagination to fill its gap. “It’s a process of continual rejuvenation and reinvention,” he says.

Rather than limit his creative options, Taylor will be drawing from what he refers to as a full material palette, allowing each candlestick to have its own identity, sense of personality and being. While each stands can stand alone, they share a special cohesion when in the company of their “colleagues.” Says Taylor, “‘Crowd’ represents a real departure from my previous standalone work, which is unique. I’m trying to bring in an element of serial production into my craft practice while satisfying my own need to avoid repetition and cloning.”

Copenhagen’s Galleri Montan will be the first venue to exhibit “Crowd,” where Taylor plans to show “Kevin” and “Angela, candlesticks in brass, concrete and leather, and “Sid,” in silver, concrete and steel.