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Fine Tip Tattoo Marker


Inkbox’s tattoo markers provide a temporary design that lasts for around one to two weeks. Made with a plant-based formula, the ink penetrates the skin to settle underneath—as opposed to standard temporary …

Handpoke Tattoo Co

Handpoke Tattoo Kit


The eponymous tattooing kit from Handpoke Tattoo Co (HTC) comes with all of the essentials for one hand-poke session (aka one to three tattoos on one person): a 3D-printed needle grip, step-by-step …

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The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos

Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while …


Inked Tattoo Balm


The first couple of days after getting a tattoo are make or break for the longterm healing of a new piece. While Aquaphor—the most common balm used to keep freshly inked skin …