Temporary Tattoo-Based Glucose Monitoring

UCSD researchers develop a wearable that painlessly detects dangerous blood sugar levels

Living with diabetes comes with a plethora of difficulties, and drawing blood to test glucose levels every day is certainly not the least of them. Fortunately, nanoengineers at UC San Diego are paving the way toward the painful technique’s obsolescence, with a new wearable tech that can monitor blood sugar levels without breaking the skin. Developed by graduate student Amay Bandodkar, the device uses small …

“Can’t Touch This” Temporary Tattoo

For no other purpose than fun, Tattly applies superior design to temporary tattoos. Arm yourself with this bold-font declaration—designed by Paper Jam Press founder Arianna Orland—to let them know you’re too legit.

Temporary Ink with TATTOOTATTAA

Clever, funny fake tattoos that will last just long enough to get a few laughs

The permanence of a bonafide tattoo isn’t for everyone, but when the weather heats up it’s hard to deny how fun it can be to express yourself with a little artwork on some bare skin. Tattly‘s serious rise in popularity over the years speaks to this common interest, and while it’s easy to love the brand’s artistic designs, there’s always room for more. Germany’s TATTOOTATTAA …