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Temporary Ink with TATTOOTATTAA

Clever, funny fake tattoos that will last just long enough to get a few laughs


The permanence of a bonafide tattoo isn’t for everyone, but when the weather heats up it’s hard to deny how fun it can be to express yourself with a little artwork on some bare skin. Tattly‘s serious rise in popularity over the years speaks to this common interest, and while it’s easy to love the brand’s artistic designs, there’s always room for more. Germany’s TATTOOTATTAA offers some supremely funny options: from burger love confessions to dramatic cats and kooky copy. They last long enough for impact, but can be easily removed to avoid any serious repercussions (mostly in the form of annoyed parents or regret).


As with other fake tattoos, these are as easy to apply by simply peeling off the back and pressing on the temporary ink with a wet cloth. Each lasts three to seven days—depending on the wearer’s activity. Available for around $4 each on Etsy, they are also far less expensive than the real thing. The folks behind the online shop also keep a blog chock full of oddly eccentric imagery and other work worth perusing.

Images courtesy of TATTOOTATTAA


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