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From psychedelia-tinged, anti-folk to a meditation on racism and a banger about freedom

Shamir: On My Own Following March’s nine-track Cataclysm, Shamir (aka Shamir Bailey) returns with “On My Own,” a song that’s set to appear on an upcoming full-length album. The guitar-heavy banger about freedom after a break-up marks the artist’s return to more accessible pop—he has traversed all kinds of genres since his 2015 breakout, Rachet. Still, Shamir clearly pulls influence from all kinds of genres (from …

Leon Bridges feat. Terrace Martin: Sweeter

Neo-soul singer-songwriter Leon Bridges teamed up with jazz and hip-hop artist Terrace Martin for “Sweeter,” a meditation on racism and hope. Over a drum machine, Bridges sings “Somebody should hand you a felony / ‘Cause you stole from me my chance to be… I wish I had another day / But it’s just another day,” as Martin’s saxophone adorns the gentle tune. The song was …

Terrace Martin feat. The Martin Family Trio: The Deuce

Led by LA-based saxophonist and producer (and frequent Kendrick Lamar and Kamasi Washington collaborator) Terrace Martin, “The Deuce” also features The Martin Family Trio—a group comprised of Martin himself, his father Curly, and Larry Goldings. The latter plays the organ, while Curly handles the drums. Together, they make “The Deuce” an effortless groove-laden instrumental that sails along flawlessly.