Published by Montreal-based Anteism, the limited edition MOKO MOKO DOKI DOKI by Misaki Kawai is both a book and an artwork. Every one of the 108 copies available (18 in each color—yellow, green, blue, red, pink or white) has a handmade fur cover. With images from the multidisciplinary artist’s fourth solo show at The Hole, this saddle-stitch bound book provides inspiration and off-kilter escapism.

The Hole NYC Founder Kathy Grayson on Her Gallery’s New Tribeca Space

A scrappy art studio transforms into a colorful inaugural show by Eric Shaw

When The Hole NYC opened the doors to artist Eric Shaw‘s bright, balanced and optimistic show Pure Mode (the inaugural exhibit at their new Tribeca location), there was a line of people waiting to step in. More than 10 years after the debut of their beloved Bowery location, The Hole welcomed people to their Tribeca destination just two weeks after founder Kathy Grayson signed the lease. …

Misaki Kawai’s “Moko Moko Doki Doki” Show at The Hole, NYC

The Kagawa, Japan-born, LA-based artist tells us about fluffy animals, onomatopoeia and more

Moko Moko Doki Doki, Misaki Kawai‘s fourth solo show at The Hole, promises to be just as bright and fun as one expects from the Kagawa, Japan-born, Osaka-raised, LA-based artist—but this time her direction is fluffy and wordy. From the beautiful to the bizarre, adorable, absurd, shiny, bubbly, puffy, kooky and playful, Kawai’s work provides viewers with the kind of off-kilter cheerfulness and escapism that’s …