Studio Visit: Ceramicist Roxanne Jackson

Exploring the dizzying and paradoxical elements that converge in the artist's latest show at NYC's The Hole

NYC’s The Hole hosts ceramicist Roxanne Jackson’s latest exhibit Nature is a Whore: A Comedy & A Tragedy, an aptly titled show of dizzying and wild polarities. Opening today and on view until 23 October, the exhibition—crafted in the artist’s studio and home in Wassaic, New York, which we toured to learn more—feels immediately bizarre and fantastical, featuring chicken feet, decapitated heads, sea shells, cakes, …

The Hole T-Shirt

Represent one of our favorite NYC galleries with this limited edition, black and white T-shirt. Printed locally by Brooklyn-based AINT WET (run by Abe El Makawy and Mikey Saunders), the boxy shirt is intended for all genders and comes in size small to extra-large. Reminiscent of a manhole, the logo appears on the front and back in an eye-catching, clever manner.

Joakim Ojanen’s Ceramic Creatures Capture the “Essence of Being Human”

Molding movement and catharsis through clay at NYC's The Hole gallery

Joakim Ojanen‘s sculptural cast of oddball characters captures feelings of childhood, adulthood and the awkward transformation in-between. Through semi-human and semi-monster ceramics and paintings, the Swedish artist crafts an ensemble of adolescent creatures whose juxtaposing compositions evoke nuanced and often conflicting emotions. His new NYC exhibit, The Part You Throw Away, sees the artist more personally than ever before. On view now through 31 December …