Listen Up

A soulful meditation, a mysterious release, an anthemic debut and more new music

Yola: Stand For Myself “Stand For Myself,” a soulful country-influenced track off of British singer Yola’s forthcoming album of the same name, arrives with a neon-accented official music video, partly inspired by Missy Elliott visuals. Yola’s powerful vocals bolster the track’s message. “This song is about a celebration of being awake from the nightmare supremacist paradigm,” she says in a statement, “truly alive, awake and …

Patrick Paige II: So They Say

Musician, rapper, singer and producer Patrick Paige II (also The Internet’s bass player) has just released his second album, the 17-track If I Fail Are We Still Cool?. From it comes “So They Say,” a soulful meditation on self-doubt, creativity and success. Bouncing between bravado and uncertainty, the entire album proves itself to be self-reflective without being self-indulgent—replete with velvety vocals, juicy bass lines and …

Syd: Missing Out

Syd’s first solo release in almost four years, “Missing Out” is a mellow break-up ballad, full of elongated synths, crisp percussion and somber but silky vocals. Apart from the occasional glockenspiel-esque chime, the four-minute tune feels melancholy for the most part, but the chorus provides a welcome tinge of bravado.