The Art World’s Very Own Indiana Jones

Dubbed the “Indiana Jones of the Art World,” Dutch detective Arthur Brand has just recovered a stolen Picasso painting worth $28.2 million. Like the storyline of a heist movie, the 1938 painting Buste de Femme (Dora Maar)—depicting one of the artist’s mistresses—was stolen in 1999 from “a Saudi sheikh’s yacht on the French Riviera.” Brand (who spent four years on the hunt) says the painting was …

Amsterdam Dockyard Crane Turned Luxury Hotel Suite

Towering beside Amsterdam port, “The Yays – Crane Apartment” is a luxury accommodation unlike any other. It’s a suite housed inside of a decommissioned dockyard crane, refurbished by Edward van Vliet. It’s managed by Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments, and beyond the uncommon structure, the defining attribute might just be its large windows overlooking the water. See more photos over at Design Boom.

Artist Nacho Carbonell’s Cocoon-Like Lamps at The Armory Show

An imaginative solo presentation at the NYC art fair from Carpenters Workshop Gallery

When meandering through The Armory Show—one of NYC’s strongest annual art events—visitors’ eyes fall upon works both new and old, worn and wondrous. In that blitz of painting, sculpture, photo and VR, it’s hard to find pieces that quietly impart a wow factor that truly connects art with viewer—more than an Instagram or a famous name but a true appreciation for an artist’s career developments. …