Checkered Santa Cruz Blanket

For each Sackcloth + Ashes blanket sold, the charitable brand donates one to someone experiencing homelessness. From them comes the Checkered Santa Cruz, a retro-colored blanket that features a bright and wavy take on the classic pattern. Made from recycled wool and polyester and spun without the use of dye, this sustainable blanket is colorful and cozy.

Diana Throw Blanket

Based in Ezcaray, Spain, family-owned textiles company Mantas Ezcaray has been transforming natural fibers into high-quality blankets, scarves, foulards and more since 1930 when it was founded by Cecilio Valgañón. The Diana Throw Blanket is a lush, handmade piece comprised of mohair, wool and nylon. The tranquil blue and green weft creates a little calm, while the fluffy fabric provides coziness.

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Nesting

Present made to be enjoyed at home

Home should be a sanctuary, an escape from the outside world. And while most of our feelings of safety and bliss might be attributed to the people who inhabit a space with us, creature comforts can certainly contribute to the overall sense of happiness. Everybody’s version of tranquility is different, and what we fill our home with comes down to taste and budget. For some, …