Gift Guide: Books + Blankets

Cozy accessories and reading material for the next snow (or rain) day

While plenty of people dread the colder seasons, there’s one undeniable joy that comes with frosty weather: reading a book while wrapped up in a blanket. As the snow, rain, hail, or wind flies around outside, envelope yourself in one of these cozy creations and immerse yourself in another world for a few hours. From a novel by Ocean Vuong to Jia Tolentino’s brilliant essays, a punk memoir, short stories and beyond, there’s plenty here to add to your winter reading list.

Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion

A collection of her smart, adroit and beautifully written essays, Trick Mirror ($22) is Jia Tolentino’s first book—and essential reading. From workout culture to MDMA, capitalism and politics, social media and beyond, Tolentino navigates the current zeitgeist (with all its anxieties, burdens and joys) adeptly, thoughtfully and at times very humorously. These are nine essays that warrant repeat reads, shares and plenty of discussion.

Stripe Throw

Made from 100% cotton, this knitted throw blanket is undeniably the work of Brooklyn-based Dusen Dusen. With panels of subtle hues contrasted by candy colors, the Stripe Throw ($180) is super-soft and sizable, at 50 by 70 inches.

New Day Throw

Crafted from 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester, DittoHouse’s New Day throw ($165) promotes a positive message, and made in the USA from sustainable fibers. Depicting an abstract forest (which is also reminiscent of old-fashioned hand-quilted blankets), the throw features a bright orange sun rising on the edge.

Grand Union: Stories

Grand Union: Stories ($22) is prolific author Zadie Smith’s first collection of short stories. The respected and beloved author features her horror tales alongside historical fiction, reflective pieces on modernity, dystopian tales and more. While diverse in subject and genre, Smith’s writing is consistently rich, thoughtful and measured. There are 19 stories within, 11 of which are new and exclusive to this release.


Mohair Blanket V01

Based in NYC but producing high-quality pieces through artisans all over the world, Viso Project offers sophisticated, sustainable products in limited editions. The brand’s super-cozy Mohair Blanket V01 ($390) measures out to 135 by 200cm. The bold, abstract design is available in two colorways. Price is in GBP.

Moonlight Screenplay Book

From award-winning production studio A24 comes a book treatment ($60) for their 2016 film Moonlight (written and directed by Barry Jenkins). The 224-page book features the full screenplay, a foreword by Frank Ocean, an essay by Hilton Als, transcripts from the team’s Academy Awards acceptance speeches, stills and more. Far more than a collector’s item, this book gives the story yet another life: first a novel, then a film, and now as an artistic fusion of art-book and playbill.

The Water Dancer: A Novel

From award-winning journalist and author, Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Water Dancer ($17) is a stunning debut novel that has garnered universal praise for its dense, detail-rich prose and its moving tale about freedom. Though a work of surrealist fiction set in Virginia midway through the 19th century, the novel touches on themes that are still present today: the separation of families, the generational mistreatment of minorities, and the long-lasting impact of slavery in the USA.

Spencer Throw

Featuring a design by Guadalajara-based artist Daniel Barreto, Slowdown Studio’s 100% cotton Spencer Throw ($230) measures out to 54 by 70 inches—meaning it’s big enough for a couch or bed, or as a wall-hanging. Featuring Barreto’s wavy, organic plants, the blanket’s palette is subtle but with pops of jewel tones. Spun and woven in the USA, it’s manufactured from yarn made from 70% recycled cotton.

Gunta Stölzl Orchard Bauhaus Blanket

This authorized reproduction of Gunta Stölzl’s Bauhaus blanket (£450) comes from Wallace Sewell, in celebration of 100 years of the German design school. Part homage, part reimagining, this throw harkens back to those available to at the student accommodation at Bauhaus Dessau. Crafted from 100% merino lambswool, it’s available in two subtle colorways and measures 245 by 142cm.

Face It: A Memoir

An autobiography by punk icon Debbie Harry, Face It: A Memoir ($24) was crafted by Harry and music writer Sylvie Simmons. The fascinating tome is full of history, anecdotes and wild tales, but steers clear of being a full-on confessional—which perfectly suits Harry’s impeccably crafted Blondie persona. From her teenage years to moving to New York, meeting Chris Stein, her rise to fame and the creation of Blondie (the band and the character), nearly everything gets documented candidly alongside never-before-published photographs and artwork. Of course, there’s much more to Debbie Harry than Blondie, and plenty of that is explored within, too.


On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

Poet Ocean Vuong experiments with a brand new form in his meditative debut novel, One Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous ($16)—the queer protagonist writes a cathartic yet tender letter to his Vietnamese mother, who will most likely never read it. Vuong’s visceral, unflinching use of language and metaphors hit like a tsunami, awakening numbed readers to the raw emotions and reckonings that make us human. 

Mythos Two Wool Blanket

With a design by Bristol-based artist George Greaves, this “Mythos Two” ZigZagZurich blanket ($201) comes in two colorways—this yellowish orange, or a rich teal. Woven in Europe from 100% New Zealand wool, it measures 55 by 79 inches and is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, which means no harmful chemicals or synthetics have been used during the manufacturing process.

Tomorrow Most Likely

Written by Dave Eggers, Tomorrow Most Likely ($18) is unsurprisingly playful and simultaneously tender. The book, illustrated by Lane Smith, preaches the virtues of going to sleep and waking up ready for the new day—and all the exciting, odd and glorious things that could happen then. “Tomorrow most likely there will be a door that leads to the world, where people are found,” one part reads. Intended for children aged three to five, it’s an ideal read-aloud bedtime story for the family.

Fern Gully Knit Blanket

Made from 100% cotton, the Fern Gully blanket by Halcyon Nights ($79) is reminiscent of the lush Australian bush thanks to its various shades of green, and images of native animals. Complete with small pops of pale pink and lilac, the sweet illustration is by Dandenong-based Min Pin Design. Soft and durable, the knitted blanket measures 100 by 80cm.

Images courtesy of respective brands, hero also courtesy of Dusen Dusen