The Black Collection by Travelteq

The Dutch luggage brand updates its popular bags in all-black colorways

Since its inception in 2009, Amsterdam-based brand Travelteq has continued its quest to design the perfect line of travel bags and accessories, mixing high-quality materials with minimal design, reliable function and practicality. With their latest release, the Black Collection, they’ve once again done just that. The brand has previously experimented with darker hues and new materials—as seen in their Moro Collection—but the new delivery sees …

Tablet Notebook Case

Classic meets modern with Travelteq’s tablet case, which houses your 7” tablet, Moleskine notebook, and business cards in vegetable-tanned Florentine Vacchetta leather. The Dutch design company promises quality, with each case handmade in Italy.

Travelteq Introduces the Moro Collection

Two beautiful travel pieces culled from vegetable-tanned leather in Tuscany

There are some definite must-have attributes to travel bags and laptop bags: proper weight distribution, functionality, durability—and ideally beauty. With Travelteq‘s newly released line, the Soft Moro, there’s all that and more. The two bags in the series, the All Leather Weekender and the Soft Leather Trash, are both hand-produced in Travelteq’s small factory in Tuscany—from vegetable-tanned leather (also used in their popular Biscotto line). …