Single-Origin Truffle Collection

This assortment of single-origin truffles from Dandelion Chocolate continues the brand’s “bean-to-bonbon” mission and comes complete with an illustrated guide to flavors, sources and harvest years. The 15 chocolates have five origins (Belize, Colombia, Ecuador, Madagascar and Tanzania) and several confectionary flavors, including molasses, banana, cream, fudge and even sourdough.

Night Falcon Toy

Fable’s glow-in-the-dark Falcon charges in natural sunlight, offering a toy that’s extra exciting at night. For pets, the toy features two treat cavities capable of holding dry or wet food. For owners, this means a few moments of peace and quiet while your furry friend focuses on excavating. The Falcon’s shape also allows for the addition of other toys designed for tugging and other types …

Ten Delectable Chocolate Treats That Defy Expectation

From the utterly odd to the refreshingly simple, welcome variations on standard issue bars

We believe chocolate goods can be assessed by a succinct set of criteria: the amount of ingredients they employ, which state of cacao they use as their basis, and the inventiveness of the accoutrements. While chocolate purveyors adhering to fair trade certifications and committing only to all-natural ingredients and no additives, used to be few and far between, those that impress with quality and conscience …