The R.I.D, a Pocket-Sized Device That Detects Recyclable Material

By reducing research and leg work, this device makes eco efforts easier

While statistics on recycling vary, the consensus remains that we do not do enough (collectively or individually). The reasons range from improper sorting to ignored or unknown classifications, but one product could ease the burden of sorting and empower the broader population to recycle with results. UK-based Cohda Design Works recently unveiled the R.I.D, a handheld device that can identify recyclability simply by being pressed …

Artists and Designers React to Brexit

With emotions running high across the Western world in reaction to the UK’s decision to leave the EU, artists and designers have done what they do best: convey feelings through images. With responses ranging from angry to humorous and heartbroken—it seems the overarching belief in the UK creative community was to remain. See more at It’s Nice That.

Interview: Ben Gravy of Quaffing Gravy

The founder of UK's new craft beer talks about turning an idea into an easy-drinking pale ale

With a logo drawn by a tattoo artist and screen-printed directly onto its bottles, new UK beer brand Quaffing Gravy is guaranteed to stand out in the UK’s burgeoning craft beer scene. The company’s first beer—an easy drinking pale ale—is just about to launch and we caught up with QG’s head honcho, who goes by Ben Gravy, who explained to CH why creating a beautiful …