theAnemix Home Collection


A year after their spectacular window installations merging light with motion at Harrod's, Chilean 3-D lighting design company Luxia just announced their new theAnemix Home Collection for those who want the same tech effects to play with in domestic spaces. The spacey, futuristic furniture might look straight out of a Star Trek episode, but the pieces—a book case, CD rack, night stand, a lamp—are meant for the here and now.

Each item comes customizable, meaning it has four patterns and four mirror options for a total of 16 combinations of light and color possible. Want to show off the magic while entertaining house guests? The furniture is controlled via a wireless control system activated by a remote control, so you can make martinis for friends and put on a light show at the same time without leaving the kitchen.


Each piece varies between $1,120 and $2,000. The company's currently looking for distributors of the collection, so write to them via their site to find out how to get your mitts on the furniture when it's available.