Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays

A third glimpse at the forthcoming Unknown Mortal Orchestra album Sex & Food, “Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays” finds funky disco components punctuating a warm pop tune. It’s a dance-worthy number that delivers on what the New Zealand band’s become famous for: captivating, complex songwriting masked behind lovable melody.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt

The new track by NZ band Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “American Guilt,” is a little more psychedelic than what’s found on their previous album. Seemingly recorded in a lo-fi manner, with plenty of fuzzed vocals and distorted guitar, the tune is crunchy and raw in the best possible way. UMO has also announced a comprehensive USA and Europe tour beginning in April.


New songs by Braids and High Water, powerful nostalgia from Garbage and more in this week's music

Braids: Joni Montreal-based three-piece Braids is making some of the most intricate electronic pop we’ve heard: take “Joni” where Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s voice snaps and stretches, yelps and exhales—setting the pace for the ricochets of synth and drum hits. Braids releases a slower-paced music video to match, where Standell-Preston figures things out with a fictional partner while telling herself: “We don’t know where we are going …