Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Eat Your Feelings

Celebrate the romance of staying in and sharing a meal with these home-delivered meal kits

There are very few more powerful ways to show love than by sharing a meal together. Whether cooking four courses for your best friend, roasting a chicken for your family, crafting a soufflé for your roommate, grilling a cheese sandwich for your partner or making a special cocktail (or mocktail) for yourself, dining is a treat—no matter how decadent. For anyone less inclined to cook …

Okay Kaya’s Valentine’s Day Playlist for COOL HUNTING

"I wanna tickle that little part of the back of people’s brains," the Norwegian musician tells us

“Making a playlist for someone is a big deal to me,” Norwegian singer/songwriter Okay Kaya (aka Kaya Wilkins) says, when discussing the Valentine’s Day playlist she crafted for us. “I wanna tickle that little part of the back of people’s brains.” But ultimately, she says the question “Will it get me laid?” motivated each song choice. Of course, playlists are acutely personal and Wilkins’ reflects …

Donnie and Joe Emerson’s “Baby” Heart-Shaped Vinyl Edition

Donnie and Joe Emerson’s superb love song “Baby” is even more romantic on this red, heart-shaped vinyl. Recorded for the brothers’ album Dreamin’ Wild, in 1977, the song finally received the attention and admiration it so deserved 33 years later. Now the album’s standout song, the lo-fi, soulful ballad, has been covered countless times, but the original is available on this kitschy limited edition seven-inch.