Channel Tres Valentine’s Day Playlist For Cool Hunting

Sweet, sexy and everything between in this collection of tunes by the LA-based artist

Ahead of his tour and EP release, LA-based producer/songwriter/vocalist Channel Tres kindly created a Valentine’s Day playlist just for COOL HUNTING readers. The focus isn’t necessarily romantic love, as he tells us, “Anything can make you feel love.” It makes sense then, that his playlist spans hip-hop to electronic, soul and beyond. From New Edition’s saccharine bop “Candy Girl” to The Gap Band’s classic “Outstanding,” this satisfying playlist will elicit bliss in listeners. 

On Valentine’s Day itself, the soulful electronic artist says, “I try to show love every day, but I like the idea of everyone being on the same frequency at once.” 

Channel Tres will be performing at San Diego’s CRSSD Festival (2 March), as well as with Robyn and Vince Staples. On the upcoming album, he says, “It sounds different every time. When I have distance from it, I appreciate it more.”

Image courtesy of Eric Ryan Anderson