Bud Vase

From beloved California-based pottery studio Heath Ceramics (founded in 1948), the Bud Vase is one of Edith Heath’s classic designs from the 1980s. Measuring about four inches tall and three inches in diameter, the smooth vessel feels crafted by nature, and is available in different colors, patterns and glazes.

Gogo Boi (Face Down Ass Up) Vase

Produced by CH favorite Pansy Ass Ceramics at their Toronto studio, the Gogo Boi (Face Down Ass Up) vase supports flowers at both ends of the glossy vessel. It’s a clever, queer decor addition that comes in a few different colorways—including one with 22k gold accents. Each vase measures approximately 16 by 8 by 7 inches. Though some styles are sold out, they can be …

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Design Desires

Subtle objects, bombastic additions, items imbued with thoughtful messages and wildly impressive pieces, too

The introduction of one new element of furniture or decor—whether that’s a lamp, textile, mirror or another object—can change an entire room. And while everyone’s design preferences are distinctly personal, gifting design items can be deeply meaningful, with a glimpse of something on display acting as a reminder of shared memories or familial moments. With this in mind, we’ve assembled our Design Desires gift guide, …