Vermut Negre

Made in Catalonia’s Terra Alta comarca (or region) from 100% Macabeu grapes distilled with 150 local botanicals, herbs, walnuts and spices, Casa Mariol’s Spanish vermouth makes for a light, nutty and complex aperitif. Aged through a solera system, this fragrant vermouth concludes with notes of cola, candied figs and citrus.

Word of Mouth: Barcelona

Several stunning spots to visit in one of our favorite cities

From the tight medieval alleys of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter to Eixample’s carefully planned, uniquely shaped octangular blocks (the cut-off corners transform every intersection into more open plazas), Barcelona bursts with history, spirit, and inspiration—it’s a city that renders even the most fervent minimalist design lovers speechless and transforms them into romantics, with a little help from Gaudí and friends. In between the voluptuous, biomorphic, elaborate, …

Exploring the World of Vermouth With Martini & Rossi

We visit the botanical fields in Pessione to learn about the misunderstood, herbaceous libation

Anyone who has enjoyed a martini, Manhattan, or a negroni already knows that one of the critical ingredients in their beloved cocktail is vermouth.  And yet somehow, vermouth continues to be one of the least understood and least respected bottles in the bar. (First things first, your vermouth belongs in the refrigerator, not oxidizing in your liquor cabinet.)   Vermouth is believed to have evolved from a …