The Viral Success of “In a Heartbeat”

Same-gender love stories occupy a very small portion of the content out there and that’s what makes the viral success of “In a Heartbeat” so important. Surely many individuals have watched it more than once, but with over a million likes and almost 15 million views (at time of publish), the Pixar-like short film and its story of a boy who is outed to his …

Sophina DeJesus’ Viral Gymnastics Routine

With her teammates cheering her every step (and leap) of the way, UCLA’s Sophina DeJesus (a 21-year-old sociology major) has performed a super-playful and very viral gymnastics routine that has the world watching over and over again. Her hip-hop-inspired moves aren’t traditional of floor routines and that is exactly why it’s so enjoyable to watch—not to mention how much fun she is having herself.