Riffing off the traditional piggy-bank, Pigzbe is a virtual wallet for cryptocurrency. Through the tangible toy and the adjacent app, kids can receive, save and spend money that they earn—all while practicing financial responsibility. The device is tech designed for education, and though the concept is old, the execution is new and inventive.

Passport Sleeve Wallet from Bellroy

Fly light with a no-fuss solution in black and tan

Well-loved by planners and organizers, passport sleeves are nevertheless shunned by the ultra-minimalist traveler. Designs are often plagued by bulkiness (a by-product of too many pockets) and overly tall dimensions (measured to fit a traditional boarding pass). Cue Bellroy, the thoughtful accessory company who previously brought us our go-to travel wallet and has returned with a passport sleeve that is as streamlined as can be. …

Zip Pouch

These zipper pouches in a multitude of Japanese fabric by Drifter are a handy carry-all for personal belongings.