Tight Wallet

A slim alternative to a bulky wallet

Holding up to 30 cards and a stash of cash, the Tight wallet from Brooklyn-based designer Jack Sutter is a simple solution to the common problem of unnecessarily large wallets. Made of nothing more than a bit of elastic and a swath of Italian leather, the flexible wallet works just as well stuffed to the brim as it does with just your ID and some cash. To fund the DIY project Sutter recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, offering backers a choice of wallets for as low as $16.

While the Tight wallet might not help that perfect wear mark you’ve been working on in your favorite raw denim, the slim silhouette is undoubtably better for your posture and spine alignment. Plus the soft Italian leather will darken with age and time.

At this point the Tight Kickstarter has already been funded many times over, but without any backer limitations all levels are still open for further funding. To keep up with Tight visit their Facebook page. For other wallet ideas see the minimalist Moneywrap and the travel friendly Bellroy on CH.

Images by Graham Hiemstra