Purist’s Sleek, Spill-Proof Scope Bottle Top

A 360-degree lid made possible by thoughtful design features

Purist first impressed us at Outdoor Retailer 2018, where they debuted their bottles with unbreakable interior glass finishes. Dubbed the Maker (10-ounce), Mover (18-ounce) and Founder (32-ounce), they’re perfectly minimal in design and available in several colors with three interchangeable lid options. One of those lids, called the Element, simply screws on and off and features a curved handle that tucks into one side. Another, …

Double Insulated Bong Water Bottle

Mister Green’s Double Insulated Bong Water Bottle keeps liquids cold for approximately 24 hours or hot for about 12 hours. The BPA- and phthalate-free stainless steel thermos jokingly reads Bong Water, features a finger-carry lid (for easy toting) and a lite-duty carabiner, too—which can be upgraded to a Mister Green Gear carabiner for $10. Available in plenty of colorways, it can hold 750ml.

Movement Bottle

Intended only for cold water, LARQ’s Bottle Movement eliminates 99.9999% of contaminants, courtesy of its built-in UV-C LED technology. Available in two sizes (24- and 32-ounce), the smart bottle self-cleans every two hours, but can also be manually prompted with the touch of a button. Made from a lightweight stainless steel, the bottle is ideal for the gym and outdoor adventures.