Gift Guide: 420 Happens Twice a Day

From pipes to pre-rolls, green-hued products for pot enthusiasts

Whether for pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation or fun, partaking in cannabis products continues to increase all over the country. From smoking it to slathering it, bathing in it or sipping it, there are so many ways to benefit from cannabis—and many are more design-forward and appealing than ever before. This 420, we’re celebrating the cannabis flower a most literal way, by selecting products in the hue of green. And, as always, we urge readers to donate time or funds (if possible) to important organizations like Cannabis For ConservationMarijuana Policy ProjectThe Last Prisoner Project, NORML, the Hood IncubatorOur AcademyWeed for Good and the Minority Cannabis Business Association as well as local bail funds that support those who have been unfairly incarcerated for minor drug offenses.

Julio Pipe

From a high-temperature production process that renders each bowl extra-sturdy (and slightly different from one another), Miwak Junior hand-crafts ceramic smoking bowls and pipes in their California studio. The Julio ($70) iteration features a large, hollow interior with a smooth, hand-finished exterior. The lush green ceramic piece was named after a friend from the verdant forests of Chile. It’s textured, easy to use and easy to clean.

CBD Balm

This rich potion from STEVIE has been formulated with 500mg of highly refined CBD distillate—the purest form of cannabidiol. The brand (named after Stevie Nicks) was founded by LA-based Courtney Trop, and this CBD Balm ($60)—like their other products—aims to alleviate stress and pain. Along with CBD, it’s made from beeswax, shea butter, squalene oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil and camphor. The CBD and camphor offer a warming feeling on the skin, while the other ingredients nourish. It’s perfect for relieving aching muscles, menstruation cramps and more.

Glass Holder

For those hoping to avoid burnt fingers, this glass joint holder ($29), made by Cha Cha Chainz in collaboration with Elevate Jane, takes design notes from vintage cigarette holders while adding a contemporary twist. The style is available in small or large iterations, measuring either four of five inches, and should coincide with the size spliff you roll. Each piece is handblown in the US and is available in various colors including gray, green, yellow, purple and pink.

CBD Tincture

Non-psychoactive, Cosmic View’s 20:1 Ratio Tincture ($63) incorporates 427mg CBD and 22.5mg THC from Harle-Tsu (a hybrid strain bred by the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective) for relaxation, pain- and stress-relief. It’s thoughtfully made with just two ingredients (California cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil and regeneratively grown sun-grown cannabis extract), both of which have been sustainably farmed and holistically processed.


For residents of states where cannabis is legal, AMASS (the beverage company focused on botanicals, co-founded by master distiller Morgan McLachlan) offers the sublime Afterdream ($70), an alcohol-free drink made with a blend of THC, CBD and Delta-8 for a mellow feeling. Providing a gooey body high, it’s blended using 14 botanicals and eight terpenes. A suggested serving contains 3.5mg THC, 3.5mg CBD and 3.5mg Delta-8.

Mini Jointlocker

Made in Canada from plant-based plastic, Another Room’s Mini Jointlocker ($22 CAD) is a neat carrying case for a small BIC lighter and a mini joint. A removable chain allows users to attach the kit to a set of keys, bag or belt. Available in various colors and sizes, it’s a playful but practical accessory.

Paul Arnold Bong

Swirling with color and whimsy, these bongs ($795) from Edie Parker and Brooklyn-based glassblower Paul Arnhold’s collaboration encapsulate both the brand and artist’s penchant for elevating the effervescent. Ranging from light blue to dotted greens with minty swooshes and more, each one-of-a-kind bong is handmade by the artist in his studio and limited to an edition of one per color.

Broccoli Issue 14

A respected and thoughtful magazine for cannabis enthusiasts, Broccoli is up to its 14th issue ($15). Within the 88 pages, writers profile overlooked grunge hero and Bam Bam front-woman Tina Bell, talk to stoners all over the world about how they source their pot, explore vintage smoking products and chat with ’70s cannabis cookbook author Evelyn Schmevelyn.

Nature Provides Hoodie

Custom-dyed in a lush dark green and made in LA, this hoodie ($165 CAD) is then embroidered by Studio A-OK in Vancouver. The slogan “Nature Provides” appears on several of their products and is a concept that rings true. The Canadian brand celebrates and follows in the footsteps of “the heads, hippies and freaks” that came before them.

OG Room Spray

Rather than mask the smell of cannabis smoke, Veil’s OG Room Spray ($20) eliminates burnt terpene molecules in the air. This concoction is comprised of all-natural, non-toxic essential oils and boasts subtle notes of sweet orange and black pepper with a layer of Virginia cedar. Delightful and light, the room spray (which comes in an eight-ounce bottle) is also colorless, so it won’t stain fabrics.

Radical Relief Gel Roll-On

Comprising 300mg of high-quality hemp-derived CBD, menthol, arnica and methyl salicylate, Asystem’s Gel Roll-On ($59) efficiently addresses lingering aches and pains. The bottle’s cooling stainless steel cryosphere ensures even distribution of the solution, and gentle pressure results in the formula properly penetrating the skin. Unlike lotions, which can be applied unevenly, the roll-on relieves pain more effectively. Plus, Asystem’s recipe—which contains 25% active ingredients—provides relief quickly.

Stick Lighter

So much more than a bodega-bought lighter, Tsubota Pearl’s stick lighters ($30) come in an array of vibrant colors. Our favorites are the high-gloss iterations, some with a contrasting cap. Made in Japan, each colorway is as appealing as the next: dark green, light green, pink with dark green, light green with purple, orange and turquoise, and more. Measuring 3.375 inches and utilizing a cotton wick, these lighters are functional design pieces.

PAX + Last Prisoner Project Tote

Part of PAX’s collaboration with Last Prisoner Project, this 100% cotton canvas tote ($20) has been emblazoned with a bright green logo containing the reason for the Last Prisoner Project: there are 40,000+ people incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes in the US. Proceeds from sales of this bag (and other products in the capsule collection) go to the criminal justice reform initiative, which continues to free those unfairly impacted by the War on Drugs.

Bong Water Nalgene Water Bottle

From Mister Green’s beloved Bong Water collection, this nalgene water bottle ($27) has a narrower mouth than the original iteration—making it easier to sip from while on the move. Its BPA-free tritan co-polyester construction means that it’s safe for hot or cold drinks and is stain- and odor-resistant. Customers can also add a Mister Green Gear carabiner (available in various colors) in order to make the bottle extra transportable for hikes and beach days.

Pre-Rolled Menthol Cannabis Cigarettes

From Pure Beauty, these pre-rolls ($40) have a hollow tree-pulp crutch that’s been dipped in menthol, meaning no menthol is actually inhaled during use. Within the neon green box, there are five joints with 100% whole flower containing 16.62% THC and 0.07% CBD. They promise a slow, even and smooth burn.

Images courtesy of respective brands, hero image courtesy of Cosmic View