R4 Yulex Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit

Patagonia’s R4 wetsuit (available for all genders) is constructed from Fair Trade Certified Yulex natural rubber and synthetic rubber, a first-ever for the category. The formfitting garment protects against exposure to cold water—specifically, 38 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit—and increases circulation through compression. The suit now boasts increased stretchability, with recycled liners employed throughout to improve flexibility. The new front zipper and a redesigned hood also …

Trompe L’oeil Technical Wetsuit in Neoprene

With his characteristic surrealist touches to luxury, Thom Browne’s wetsuit would be near comical if not for the fact that it’s a superb technical piece. There might not be a classier way to get wet—and stay warm while doing so. This neoprene item with a center back zipper was made in the USA.

Wearable Sun Protection

Five functional tops and rash-guards to beat the burn

There’s no faster way to throw shade on a warm weather vacation (or the first few hot days of spring) than with sunburn. It takes only 15 minutes of direct sunlight exposure for skin damage to begin occurring, so protection is a must. While sunscreen remains a necessity, innovations in UV-protective fabrics, along with style-forward designs are making wearable sun protection a lot more, well, …