RASH Wetsuits for Pilgrim Surf + Supply

Brooklyn's surf outpost teams up with Japan's oldest masters of neoprene for a retro-styled capsule collection

pilgrim-rash-1.jpg pilgrim-rash-2.jpg

Fresh off an extremely on-point partnership with Japanese clothing brand Beams, Brooklyn-based surf shop and apparel-maker Pilgrim Surf + Supply ventured back to Land of the Rising Sun, this time for special edition wetsuits. Founder Chris Gentile teamed up with Japan’s oldest (and considered by many to be the best) atelier de neoprene, RASH, for a limited run of collaboration suits that call to mind the era of single-fin logs and cheap gasoline. Entirely handmade, inspected and numbered in Japan, the durable wetsuits are made to last—every stitch is both glued and blind-stitched to ensure it.

The classic Long John suit—loved by surfers for warmth in the water and ultimate mobility thanks to the open shoulders—is back and this time it’s built with high-quality 3.5mm thick neoprene, making it optimal for both cold water and hot weather. Meanwhile a 2mm front-zip jacket known as the Topper K9 is the perfect layer to throw on for early morning sessions or when a swimsuit is just not quite enough. Each of the two are available in men’s and women’s cuts, with the Long John going for $445 while the Topper K9 costs $275. They aren’t cheap, but they are certainly built and styled to last.

Images courtesy of Pilgrim Surf+Supply and RASH