Empress GTX Mitt

From POW Gloves comes the high-performing and long-lasting Empress GTX Mitt—extremely durable, windproof and waterproof mittens that protect during harsh weather. Made with GORE-TEX technology, grade-A goatskin leather, premium anti-pill micro-fleece and Thinsulate, these mitts champion functionality. Available in six colors—black, popcorn, angora, tortoise shell, jade and auburn—they come with a wrist leash for handy carrying in between slopes.

Winter Gloves

With a subtle pink stripe across the merino wool cuff, Rapha’s winter gloves are otherwise entirely black. These cozy but durable (and water-resistant) gloves provide insulation on the back of the hand, while the abrasion-resistant suede palm features padding for comfort. Inside, they are fleece-lined for warmth. Rapha also offers free repairs on their products.

Making Custom Skis with New England’s Parlor

Ultra-personalized equipment born of craftsmanship and attentive design

Handmade skis—just like bespoke bike frames—came into favor over a decade ago. Respected brands all over began to make skis covered in striking graphics, one-off photography, typography and more. But Mark Wallace, who co-founded Parlor Custom Skis (located outside Boston) in 2014, says he and his partners, Pete Endres and Jason Epstein, had different priorities. They wanted to focus more on the skis’ guts than …