Digitsole’s Warm Series

Bluetooth-connected, app-controlled, heated insoles

Many know the comfort and support benefits of insoles but French start-up Digitsole has gone above and beyond with their recently released “Warm Series.” The brand’s founder has been developing heated insoles for a decade, but this latest iteration introduces a major advancement. With Digitsole’s Warm Series, which we explored during CES this year, the insoles are app-connected by way of the Bluetooth, and a thermostat in the app allows for on-the-go adjustments. Temperature-control allows for a range between 86 to 113°F (30 to 45°C)—and regulation is quite easy.

Exceptionally light (at 3.8 ounces), each insole also incorporates ergonomic benefits including a Flex-Zone which aligns with a foot’s natural movement. A proprietary X-torsion system maximizes stability and additional arch support lends comfort. Each insole is USB-charged and carries between two and six hours of life. Connectivity allows for individual temperature setting for each insole. And, of course, there’s a tracking mechanism to chart how many steps a user takes each day. There are clear benefits for those participating in outdoor sports—or anyone working outdoors in cold weather. But just about anyone can benefit, especially if they’re frequently complaining about cold feet.

Purchase a pair of Digitsole insoles online for €200.

Images courtesy of Digitsole