The Jump Rope

Optimally designed for a simpler workout, Bala’s Jump Rope features half-pound weighted handles covered in ultra-soft silicone for comfortable grip, and an intuitive locking mechanism to adjust the rope to different sizes. Available in pink, black or sand, this rope makes the classic workout even more efficient and stylish.

Personal Training at Home with the Sleek, Immersive FORME Studio

Work with a real fitness expert, tap into recorded sessions and more through a full-length reflective touchscreen

Consistent motivation and engagement are the first steps toward effectiveness regarding fitness, a uniquely personal experience that (in ideal circumstances) should be tailored to each individual. As we all know, there’s an array of highly publicized at-home gym options across various price points and styles, and often consumers must stumble through them to find something that connects. One popular sector of these offerings adopts the …

Green Yoga Mat

From California’s Museum of Peace & Quiet (a brand dedicated to “a clean state of mind” and a minimalist aesthetic), this green yoga mat is embellished with their logo. An apt message when practicing yoga, pilates or simply stretching, the “Peace & Quiet” copy encourages users to achieve a state of tranquility. The mat is made from rubber (making it easy to wipe clean) and …