BioLogic Bicycle Accessories

A new rugged case and free app keep you on track and your iPhone safe while cycling

Reecharge-case-closed.jpg Reecharge-case-open.jpg

Bicycle gear and accessories brand BioLogic is set to release its strongest product yet—the completely weather- and shock-proof ReeCharge iPhone case. What makes this adventure-ready case truly unique is the integrated lithium polymer battery that keeps the battery charged, thus making the fully enclosed case perfect for cold weather—which typically drains battery life—and able to sustain longer adventures on the ski slopes or in the saddle.

The ReeCharge case, which drops in mid-November 2011, is optimized for cycling by connecting it to the handlebars with an optional mount and using BioLogic’s BikeBrain app to turn a cell phone into a cycling computer.

BikeBrainMap-1.jpg BikeBrainAnalog-2.jpg

BikeBrain uses a phone’s existing GPS system to track movement, speed, distance and even altitude, all displayed in an easy-to-read, customizable format. The thoughtful app also keeps time on rides and stores the data for consistent training stats or to track sight-seeing routes.

BikeBrainDigital-3.jpg BikeBrainGraph-4.jpg

BikeBrain is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store, with a sizable upgrade to unlimited training options and trip logs, and the ability to directly connect and share via email and across most channels of social media.

For more information and to watch informative videos on the ReeCharge iPhone case or the BikeBrain app head to Biologic online.