Leica's First-Ever Instant Camera
Using Fujifilm Instax Mini film, Leica's first-ever instant camera—the Sofort—has just been announced. The exciting news means that the trusted camera brand will include some of their best-known features with a camera style that oftentimes doesn...
Minimal Long Weekend Essentials
Packing light has a way of making all long weekend trips better. There's no real need to lug around extra anything when only going away for three or four days. The following eight items represent our ideal travel essentials. There are two swimsuits...
Rainy Days 2016: Gear for Unpredictable Weather
Whether it's dropping your phone into a puddle or getting stuck in the rain mid-ride, bad weather woes are universal (albeit trivial). The right gear, however, can change all that. True rain protection extends beyond a jacket or umbrella, and most...
Leica X-U Camera
Makers of dream cameras, Leica knows that some of the best shots are taken on the move or in less than perfect conditions. Their X-U digital camera comes wrapped in an anti-slip rubber exterior and is water-, dust- and shock-proof, so it can take on...
The Wonders of the Leica Q
It's easy to understand why photographers turn to Leica. Simply put, they're beautifully designed, highly durable and capture superb images. The new Leica Q—a powerful, compact digital camera with a 24MP full frame sensor—lives up to the promise. The...
Great State Camerawear
In March of 2013, we discovered Great State Strap Company, makers of leather camera straps. Now, nearly a year later, Gary Tyler McLeod's modest operation has rebranded as Great State Camerawear, with new designs and updates on all originals. Still...
Charged: Five Next-Gen Digital Cameras
Since the first widely available digital cameras hit the market in the early '90s, the technical leaps made in the field of digital photography have been exponential. Today smartphones house cameras with sensors that dwarf those of high-end models...
X2 Gagosian Edition Camera
Forged by a dreamy collaboration between Leica and contemporary art savant Larry Gagosian, the X2 Gagosian Edition Camera is limited to a mere 100 units. A camera as artistic as the photos it takes, its all-metal construction is finished with high...
New Small Cameras
Presented last week at Photokina, the following five cameras represent changing ideas about what the pocket cam should be. Sandwiched between cell phones and high end DSLRs, the once ubiquitous point-and-shoot is evolving to incorporate features that...
Leica M
This week at Photokina, Leica reminded us of their history and showed us their future. With more than half of their exhibit hall dedicated to a gallery show of iconic images created by renowned photographers using Leica cameras, visitors were immediately...
Leica M-Monochrom
by Warren Rubin For the release of the newest Leica M-System camera, the black-and-white only M-Monochrom, Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol journeyed across the Trans-Siberian Railway, stopping in Moscow, Ulan Bataar and Beijing with the camera...
Leica C-LUX 1
Combining superior Leica optics and design with the latest in digital camera technology, the new Leica C-LUX 1 is a compact, attractive device loaded with features. Including 6 megapixels, an ultra short shutter delay, a 28mm lens, a 2.5-inch display...
Leica Digilux 2
The new LEICA DIGILUX 2 camera combines the best of two worlds. In the new LEICA DIGILUX 2, modern digital technology and the proven concepts of traditional analog photography are joined in a harmonious combination: Decisive photographic parameters...