Parapraxis Issue 01: The Family Problem

Parapraxis magazine deals in thought-provoking, radical ideas. Investigating social, political, gender and racial issues through a psychoanalytic lens, the new publication from education non-profit The Psychosocial Foundation is unafraid and unconstrained in their critique of dominant culture. Their first issue, The Family Problem, tackles the nuclear family, gender panic, feminism, elder care, sex in sitcoms and more unique, insightful topics.

Kitchen Toke Volume 5 Issue 2

The first media company dedicated to culinary cannabis, Kitchen Toke (founded by Joline Rivera) exists at the point where marijuana, food, cooking and health collide. This issue celebrates cannabis cuisine chefs of “Chopped 420,” explores the evolving integration of marijuana into food chain and more.

OUT OF ORDER Magazine’s T-Shirt Collection Benefiting UKRAINEPRIDE

Proceeds from these artist-designed garments will help queer Ukrainians affected by the war

OUT OF ORDER magazine, founded in 2011 by Dorian Grinspan, has just launched an endeavor with the Kyiv-based grassroots organization UKRAINEPRIDE to benefit queer Ukranians impacted by the war. For the project, 11 artists designed T-shirts, available for purchase now through 4 July. The campaign will send proceeds to Ukranian people, and also create continued conversation and awareness of the ongoing conflict amidst the dramatic drop in …