Aspect Ratio Desk Tray

Composed of high-impact fiberglass, independent media company A24’s aspect ratio desk trays reference the various proportions of cinematic imagery. Made in partnership with American tray manufacturer Cambro, the multi-purpose catch-alls come in six different colorways. Measuring 8 by 9-7/8 inches, they’re an ideal size for carting popcorn and beverages from the kitchen into any room where an A24 film (or TV show) is playing.

Breakfast Tray

Serve breakfast on breakfast with this Martin Parr tray. The beloved photographer’s blend of dry humor and anthropology is apparent here—and while the Melamine piece is entirely functional, it’s a shame to cover up the 1995 photo. The image was included in Parr’s book British Food, and is just one of the many culinary-focused pictures in the brilliant photographer’s vast body of work.

New from Umbra Shift for Fall 2015

Different designers offer their playful, creative takes on home goods and furniture

Umbra Shift, the semi-experimental branch of Toronto’s Umbra studio, works with a wide range of designers to breathe contemporary influences into the home. The latest functional products to be released (just in time for holiday) in the Umbra Shift collection range from trivets to tables and the results incite curiosity and carry a jolt of personality. For example, the Switch Tray by Lambert Rainville, can …