Denimbirds Underwear


Yoko Ono might not know it, but she is, apparently, the embodiment of Denimbirds philosophy. The newish women's clothing line–little sister to famed Swedish denim label Nudie Jeans–has a few words about the infamous artist/Beatles wife on its glossy, bird-themed web site: "For John Lennon, Yoko Ono was a real bird – independent, strong and with a free spirit." Clothing," it continues, "should be fun and creative, a way to feel free in body and soul." Perhaps with that enigmatic message in mind, designer Maria Erixon has included in Denimbirds' 2006 Spring/Summer collection eight different pairs of (don't worry, non-denim) underwear. The hip-hugging briefs come in a variety of different colors and prints, including–keeping with the 1960s theme–paisley and a few flower-power worthy florals. For those who like it simple, there are four solids to choose from, too. (They're available for €35 from Kitchener) . There are also ladies' tank tops in similar styles, so underclothes aficionados can mix and match.

by Anna Oberthur