Andy Warhol “Giant” Size


As the 20th anniversary of Warhol's death approaches, the king of pop art is being honored with a spectacular king sized visual biography. Taking inspiration from Warhol's over the top nature, Andy Warhol "Giant" Size depicts the major events, people, and works in the artist's life with a chronological examination of formerly private photographs, letters, film stills, notes, celebrity head shots and even ticket stubs. The book also includes a picture of Warhol's birth certificate and the magazine tear sheet showing the first article he illustrated for Glamour when he arrived in NYC in 1949. Weighing in at 15 pounds and packed with more than 2,000 images on 624 pages, Andy Warhol "Giant" Size is a perfect center piece for any sturdy coffee table—or could even function as the table itself.

Available from Phaidon Press in April. Available for pre-order at Amazon for $79.00.