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“Of Course I Still Luv You” Toothpaste


From Stockholm-based brand Selahatin, the “Of Course I Still Luv You” toothpaste promises an upgrade to regular iterations. With the expected heart of green mint, peppermint and menthol, the formula surprises with …


Lightweight Dog Raincoat


Stockholm-based Stutterheim is adored the world over for their effective rain gear and its connection to Swedish weather and Sweden’s natural surroundings. One raincoat from the brand, the Lightweight Dog Raincoat, might be …


Swedish Candy Fish


Inspired by real fish and flavored with natural ingredients, these candies are an elevated take on Swedish Fish. Malmö, Sweden-based Kolsvart started by making traditional Swedish licorice but soon began experimenting with …

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Mopiano: With U

Stockholm-based singer/songwriter Mopiano debuts his single “With U” ahead of an EP on Majestic Casual Records. Cinematic, emotional and tinged with electronic elements, the song comes along with a video directed by …

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An Exhibition That Celebrates Failure

Featuring 40 objects on loan from Sweden’s Museum of Failure, Cité du Design’s exhibition, When Design Flops (on view online) celebrates lessons learned during the design process, as well as inventions that …