Swedish Candy Fish

Inspired by real fish and flavored with natural ingredients, these candies are an elevated take on Swedish Fish. Malmö, Sweden-based Kolsvart started by making traditional Swedish licorice but soon began experimenting with various tastes and combinations—always keeping their gummies vegan and gluten-free. In these packs of three, flavors range from Röding Raspberry Fish to the more adventurous Gäddan Elderflower Fish.

Simris Farm-to-Bottle Microalgae Supplements

By going straight to the source of omega-3s, this Swedish biotech brand makes ingestibles that are better for you and the oceans

Presented in partnership with Simris

A decade ago, Swedish vegan ultramarathoner and PhD of Biotechnology (at Stockholm’s highly regarded KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Fredrika Gullfot saw the immense potential in extracting omega-3s from algae, rather than from the fish or krill that ingest it. Gullfot’s endeavor—going straight to the source of these essential fatty acids—wasn’t just to comply with her vegan diet, but to leave the ocean’s sensitive ecosystems …

Mopiano: With U

Stockholm-based singer/songwriter Mopiano debuts his single “With U” ahead of an EP on Majestic Casual Records. Cinematic, emotional and tinged with electronic elements, the song comes along with a video directed by Jean-Luc Mwepu. The film portrays an instance of betrayal, emphasizing Mopiano’s intimate lyrics. Pan African Music premiered the release, and Mopiano tells them, “I also wanted this to be a good representation for people …