2005 in Review: Josh’s Favorites

Given the premise of this site, it's hard for me to narrow in on a list of my favorites from the year, but after reviewing all 1200+ posts in 2005 there are a few that stand out.


Bitman Video Bulb
Thrift Deluxe
Serum VS Venom
Puma + Vexed = Urban Mobility
Mustache March
Personal Data Forest
Adidas_1: Pounding the Processor
Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary #35
Punk vs. Disco
Driftwood Skulls
A Rural Life
Roly-Poly Backpack
Ikea's Camouflage Chair
Nike iD Design Lab: 255
WK Interact
Nike Considered Blazer
Sony Ericsson K750i
Sporting Green: RECYCL'art
The Henk
Banksy on Holiday
Sinko Trace by Seth Brau
Gold Legos
Alife Pump Tennis
Cindy Wright
Hulger Bluetooth PIP Phone
Nokia N92
My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living by Jonathan Adler
Maloo Laptop Cases

Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin is COOL HUNTING's founder, editor and executive creative director. He brings his background as a photographer and expertise as a user experience designer to his point of view on what makes a good story for CH—this most often include some kind of intersectionality between art, culture, technology and design. Josh is a bit of an urban hippie, obsessed with most things Japanese, a Sealyham Terrier lover and very food motivated.

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