Banksy Hosts The Cans Festival


This bank holiday weekend in London saw one of Orangelamb.jpg


The Cans Festival stencil party, this time not in a building but in a tunnel once used by taxis before the Eurostar terminal moved to St. Pancreas. With permission, the tunnel was closed down to make way for an onslaught of color and sculptural installations. The tunnel's location was kept secret while the artists set to work making their mark in the center of London. On Saturday the address was announced and crowds, who were invited to bring their own stencils, flocked to Waterloo to join in the fun.

Queues stretched round the block as Londoners waited to have their chance to collaborate with the now almost mythological Banksy and the other artists who flew into town for the festival. The group included Faile from Brooklyn, Bandit from the Netherlands, Run Don't Walk from Argentina and James Dodd from Australia. Although the main event is now over and the installations are being taken down today, it's been said that Eurostar have agreed to leave the stencil work up inside with tunnel for at least six months, so there's still a chance to catch a fleeting glimpse of what soon will be history.