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DetourDVD’s Op Art


Pretty up your flat screen with the latest release of moving graphics from DetourDVD. Black, grey, and white Op Art imagery slowly morphs from cube patterns to concentric circles to checkerboards to spirals and so on, recalling Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley, and the like. Founded and created by husband and wife team Gretchen and Nick van der Grinten, the Op Art DVD (as well as the previous floral and mod versions) bless what otherwise is often the glaring eyesore in a room with eye-catching design. The Op Art version especially looks equally at home with everything from 50s modernism to neo-baroque furnishings.

You can program the sequence to loop or shuffle and by setting DVD players to widescreen playback it will work on normal TVs. All three versions are available for $25 from their site and keep an eye out for them in retail locations next year.


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