Mykki Blanco: Lucky (Live in London)

As a follow-up to Mykki Blanco’s “Lucky (Live in London)” track release in December, directors Diana Kunst and Mau Morgó have produced a performance art music video with kinetic choreographed by Tom Heyes. Blanco’s powerful presence anchors the piece, which is enhanced by a three-piece string section and more. The riveting visual treatment is the first collaborative #GucciGig, by the fashion brand and Dazed magazine.

Best of CH 2019: Cars + Tech

From the return of the Motorola Razr to a test drive of Volvo's future-forward vision, this year will be remembered for its innovations

This year marks a significant shift in attention and intention. Our reliance on technology is causing more and more self-reflection. We recognize the positive and negative impacts that various types of technology and mobility can have as we devise ways to ensure the former outweigh the latter. Whether that be innovations that aim to be more democratic, those that entertain and inform us, or electric …

Explore Google’s Summary of 2019

Annually, Google surveys its own data to offer insight (through graphs and detailed rankings) on the lifespan of news cycles and cultural interests, and, perhaps solely for our entertainment, they present a handful of the funniest searches we’ve all made. From a list of the US population’s most searched babies (number one was Baby Yoda from Disney+’s The Mandalorian) to the most sought after recipes …