Interview with Catalina Estrada


Columbian illustrator Catalina Estrada recently designed some prints for Paul Smith in Japan. We checked in with her to see how it all came about.

How did the assignment for Paul Smith come up and what was the brief?
They contacted me by email. I think they saw my work in a book publication. They wanted me to create a few illustrations based on the theme "Animals in a London Park" for their Autumn/Winter Pink collection in Japan.

Your work is always so vibrant. Does this reflect your own personality?
Yes, sometimes it does.

You seem to have a thing for birds. Is this a lifelong interest, and what is it about their shape that so intrigues you?
My father has always loved birds. He has a special corner in his garden where he puts food for them—water with brown sugar and very ripe plantains—and they all come there. He spends lots of time watching them and taking care of them. I think I inherited that love for birds from him.

Is there one context your illustrations haven't yet been featured in that you would love to see?
I want to see my illustrations on ceramics, dishes, plates, on lamps, objects, interior designs. I want to do many, many things with my illustrations. I just need to find more time to do all that.