Spacek + Kutmah: Solid Steel Radio Show Mix

Discovering new music is as much about digging through the archives as it is listening to the latest releases. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the access to rare vinyls or the time to comb through them. Luckily UK-based DJ and producer Kutmah is the master of digging through crates and pulling out what’s relevant. To celebrate the new record from fellow UK producer Beat Spacek(whose production credits include the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Ghostface Killah) Kutmah scoured the Ninja Tune veteran’s catalogue. The result is an hour-plus mix for Solid Steel radio that draws on collaborations, remixes and rarities. Even the most dedicated fans will find unheard tracks and casual listeners are sure to discover new beats that will inspire them to explore Spacek’s vast collection of work.