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Dutch Artist Duo Drift Completes Landmarks with Illuminated Drones

Employing a network of illuminated drones, Dutch artist duo DRIFT (aka Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta) restores—or, sometimes, completes—international architectural landmarks like Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia and Rome’s Colosseum. “To finish them with light emphasizes the potential positive power of our hi-tech developments in relation to the slow but beautiful building methods of the past,” Nauta tells Artnet News. DRIFAT partnered with 64 multi-disciplinary specialists, including some from Drone Stories and Nova Skystories. In developing this artistic expression, they were also able to create a corresponding practice that assists architects in visualizing how their planned buildings will impact a skyline. Read more about this intersection of art and architecture at Artnet News.

Image courtesy of DRIFT

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