Griffin BlueTrip: Hands-On Review and Giveaway

Prod Bluetrip Main

Of the bluetooth-enabled iPod gadgets hitting the market recently, Griffin's Bluetrip wins points for its straightforward plug-and-play usability. Simply connect the fin-shaped receiver to any auxiliary input using included RCA cables, pop the transmitter onto your iPod's dock, and start using your iPod as a remote from distances up to 33 feet away. Though it only produces two-channel audio (don't expect surround sound), a mini jack on the receiver provides optical or 1/8" connectivity options, runs on 12v, and can work with other bluetooth devices that use the A2DP profile, such as headphones. The transmitter gets its power from the iPod (eliminating extra cords and batteries) and currently supports most models as far back as third generation (nanos and fifth generations work with the BlueTrip LE that recently came out in small quantities). We wish the Bluetrip was designed for car stereos or to also work with other non-bluetooth music players, but multi-purposing it would likely complicate the easy joy of playing DJ from nearly any spot in your home.

Griffin and Cool Hunting would like to add a little of that joy to two lucky Cool Hunting readers' lives. Go here and tell us your best (brief) "dancing with myself" moment (i.e. a memorable experience of dancing by yourself at home) by next Thursday, 31 August 2006. We'll reward each of the top two with their own BlueTrip kit and print their story on Friday, 1 September 2006.